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Our Face Courses, including both Level 2 and 3 Facial courses, Dermaplaning and Plasma treatments, offer a comprehensive exploration of advanced facial rejuvenation techniques. Participants delve into facial anatomy, skin analysis, and specialised treatments like dermaplaning and plasma therapy, enabling them to provide tailored solutions for diverse facial concerns. Hands-on training sessions allow practitioners to master these techniques effectively, from dermaplaning for exfoliation to plasma technology for skin tightening, ensuring they can deliver exceptional results with confidence.

Enrolling in our Face Courses signifies a commitment to enhancing your expertise. Whether seasoned professionals expanding their service repertoire or newcomers entering the field, these courses provide a robust learning experience. By mastering a range of advanced treatments, practitioners can cater to various client needs, navigate complexities, and excel in the dynamic realm of facial rejuvenation.

Facial Electrical Treatments


CIBTAC Level 3 Diploma in Facial Applications

CIBTAC Level 2 Award in Facial Skincare


CIBTAC Level 3 Certificate in Facial Electrical Treatments

CIBTAC Level 2 Certificate in Facial Services

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