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Emalene Grove is the Founder of A.R.T 

With 30 years spent in the aesthetic and beauty industry, Emalene has spent a lifetime studying to achieve excellence in all of these fields. Her experience has lead her from opening her first salon in 1995, which grew into the award winning salon it is today, A.R.T based in Billericay. Her ventures have led her into salon consultancy, product distribution and brand development including working with large organisations such as Harrods, Urban Retreat and the Thai Square Group.

Emalene developed a passion for Aesthetics early on in her career with her first experience in Permanent Cosmetics. With the many years of experience in this field, Emalene has mastered her craft and specialised not only in remedial correctional treatments and treatments for Men. She also has the skill to remove and correct incorrectly or poorly applied permanent make up.

For several years Emalene has worked alongside Doctors and Surgeons; running a very successful injectable clinic from A.R.T, while assisting and providing a support network for patients.


A.R.T A Results-Driven Clinic Where Beauty and Cosmetics Work in Harmony

Emalene’s love of skin and passion for result driven treatments drew her focus to providing treatment services that worked and harnessed the body’s natural healing process in order to provide a curative and preventative approach.

Her wealth of experience and knowledge has led her to the development of A.R.T, Emalene has united Beauty and Cosmetics to work in harmony with each other in order to maximise results and provide the client with the very best long term results, without the need for surgery. Offering bespoke treatment plans and using specialist pioneering techniques. Emalene and her team of highly experienced handpicked  staff, strive to provide the client with the very best level of care and service. Her treatment results literally stop time ticking!

 A.R.T Academy
Providing Current Beauty and Aesthetic Trainings In Line with The Highest Industry Standard

Emalene’s studies over the last 10 years has focused her attention to the lack of regulation within the industry. She was excited to learn of the possible changes within legislation, but disappointed by the lack of industry support, courses and pathway options available for therapist and practitioners to advance their skill set and obtain courses that will comply and meet the potential new recommended legislation change.

Her tenacity for high standards and motivation for client care and attention led her to the development of the A.R.T. Academy. Not only to ensure her salon and staff were trained to the highest standard, but to also be able to offer the best training options and recognised qualifications currently available to other industry professionals. She wanted to provide support to those with the same passion to advance in their careers and learn the knowledge required to provide the client with the best treatments and client care, whilst striving for safe working practice, but also importantly she wanted to enable students to acquire the credibility in qualification, that reflects the hard work and dedication to those professionals that strive to be the best they can be in their chosen field.

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