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About US

A.R.T Academy is committed to delivering the highest standard of beauty and aesthetic training programmes. We are motivated by a successful record of high achievements and providing trainees with opportunities for career progression. We are determined to raise the bar, so that our trainees can compete for the employment opportunities. This website will provide you with details of the most extensive beauty and aesthetic courses in the South East of England.

Our Mission  

A.R.T Academy will continue to evolve in the advanced beauty and aesthetic learning sector. We are committed to providing the most up-to-date training and education in the South East. Valuing diversity, we always put the trainees at the centre of all that we provide. A.R.T Academy ensure that there is equality of opportunity for all and we operate to the highest standards of professional integrity. We invest in our employees and together strive for continuous improvement.

Our Vision  

We are dedicated to improving learner experiences and providing a high standard of training. The school accommodates an appropriate learning environment and we strive to ensure we are providing first class knowledge within the beauty and aesthetics sector. A.R.T Academy is proud of its ethos and has the dedication needed to provide authentic and evolutionary education. Recognising and celebrating the diverse community, A.R.T Academy works with key partners in the wider community to make a positive difference to the UK Beauty Industry. When supporting learners to reach their potential, we never lose sight of the need to further expand these opportunities and engage harder to reach learners. We aim to develop the learning and skills potential of the Southeast. A.R.T Academy endeavour to provide all learners with a competent and unrivalled experience.

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