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Pathway To Skin

Pathway to Skin

Our Pathway to Skin courses, featuring regulated qualifications from Level 3 to Level 5, open doors to a myriad of rewarding career opportunities in the aesthetic industry. These qualifications provide the expertise needed to perform a range of advanced skin treatments in an industry with a high demand for non-invasive skincare procedures.

Our courses are taught by outstanding tutors who are experts in the field of aesthetics and skincare. Their guidance and mentorship ensure that students receive masterful education and practical training, preparing them for success in their careers. Coupled with excellent facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and products, students have the opportunity to hone their skills in a supportive and professional environment. ART Academy prides itself on providing students with a comprehensive and enriching learning experience that sets them up for success in their careers as skin specialists.

CIBTAC Level 5 Award in Skin Peeling treatments

CIBTAC Level 4 Certificate in Skin Peeling Treatments

CIBTAC Level 4 Diploma in Chemical Skin Peeling and Microneedling

CIBTAC Level 4 Certificate in Blemish Removal by Thermolosis and Cryotherapy

CIBTAC Level 5 Award in Microneedling

CIBTAC Level 4 Certificate in Microneedling

CIBTAC Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Cosmetic Practice

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