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Level 6 Fractional Laser & Pigment Treatment with IPL and Laser

This advanced laser and light course will cover the topic of Fractional Laser and pigmentation treatment utilising laser and light techniques.

Successful completion of training enable practitioners to deliver: 

Fractional laser treatment and pigmentation using IPL and laser (excluding periorbital rim)


HEE Guideline & Industry Insight

Our training course is developed in line with HEE Guideline and independly accredited by OCN-Credit4Learning. You can rest assured that you are going to have the highest standard training at our centre.

Within the training, we will review the principles of technology in-depth and encourage discussion of current market and manufacturer devices. Our aim is for you to understand the treatment and the market rather than just how to carry out the treatments or operate certain machines. As a result, you can apply such knowledge on any devices and be able to evaluate equipments, device manuals, manufacturer protocols and avoid pitfalls in this highly competitive market.

Areas of Study of Level 6 Fractional Laser & Pigment Treatment include: Principles Of Lasers, IPL and LED and Equipment

  • Safety protocols

  • Various laser, IPL and LED delivery systems and optical radiation-tissue interactions

  • Various wavelengths and how they penetrate skin and eye tissue differently

  • Q-switched laser technology and difference between active and passive

  • Effects of different pulse lengths and beam diameters

  • Laser wavelengths and pulse durations vs non ablative wavelengths

  • Fractional and non-fractional delivery

Clinical Practice

  • Common types of pigmentation: sun damage, melasma, actinic lentigo and appropriate wavelength for treatment

  • Limitations of application

  • Complications and Contra-indications

  • Appropriate pre and post care

General Industry Knowledge

  • Critique and assess manufacturer device manuals, protocols, guidelines and device training.

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How to enrol?

Simply click the button below to fill in an enrolment form with your CV and any previous certificate. Our student support will get in touch!

If you need any assistance in the process, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:

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