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Level 4 Advanced Electrical Application for Face

This course gives you the understanding and application of a variety of face electrical treatments, including:

  • Radio Frequency

  • HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

  • Dermabrasion

It will enable you to utilise these treatments for your clients and deliver a personalised approach.

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Understand the variety of treatments

  • How the treatments affect the skin

  • How the treatments affect each other

Understanding Clients Needs

  • Carry out successful consultation and analyse the clients needs as well as suitability for treatment

  • Pre and post-treatment care

Risks, Contra-indications and Complications

  • The need to create a safe, sterile practice environment

  • Potential risks

  • Treatment contra-indications

  • Common and serious side effects and complications

  • Effectively treat complications or refer on if appropriate

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