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CIBTAC Qualifications

School of Aesthetic A.R.T is a CIBTAC centre that provides a comprehensive range of accredited training courses. Our training centre is based in Billericay, Essex.

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Internationally Recognised Qualification

Types of Qualification

CIBTAC qualifications are broken down into:

  • Awards

  • Certificates

  • Diplomas

The differences are mainly related to the number of hours required to complete each qualification. These words have specific meanings in terms of qualification size that also link into the UK framework. The title of the UK framework has changed from the “QCF” to the “RQF”, and over the course of 2017 and 2018 qualifications are being moved across from one framework to the other, which means that the letters QCF will start to disappear from qualification titles.

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CIBTAC Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy Services

This diploma is a fast-track, internationally recognised qualification which opens up more opportunities, when compared to the national NVQ route offered by various colleges.

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CIBTAC Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy Treatments

The CIBTAC Professional Beauty Therapy Diploma is a level 3 internationally recognised beauty therapy diploma designed so that graduates become fully qualified beauty therapists who are salon ready and able to explore the wide beauty career path of their choice.

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CIBTAC Level 3 Diploma in Facial Applications

This is a comprehensive facial and skincare course that gives you all the fundamental knowledge of facial skincare as well as the practical skill of providing facial treatments, including electrotherapy and microdermabrasion.

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CIBTAC Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

This course will provide you with all of the necessary underpinning knowledge of anatomy and physiology to enable you to understand the human body and its structures and functions. 


CIBTAC Level 2 Certificate in Nail Treatments

The certificate in Nail treatments enables candidates to build the necessary practical and theoretical skills in order to provide basic manicure and pedicure treatments as well as developing the abilities for effective consulation, communication and retail skills.

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CIBTAC Level 3 Certificate in Nail Technologies

At Level 3, our CIBTAC nail qualifications offer progression from the core skills. Students will practise how to perform nail enhancements using various systems that will allow them to extend the natural nail, or use more complex painting techniques.

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CIBTAC Level 4 Certificate in Laser and Light Therapy Treatments

The CIBTAC Level 4 Certificate is a knowledge-based and practical qualification, giving you the theory and skills needed for safe and effective hair reduction and skin rejuvenation treatments, and preparing you to progress onto other treatments such as treatment of vascular lesions and benign pigmented lesions.

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