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Step into the fabulous world of beauty and aesthetics with “Aesthetics In All Honesty” - the video series that spills the tea on everything hot and not in the industry! Join our dynamic duo of Emalene Grove and Faye Ackland as they dish out the latest updates on industry trends, legislation, beauty treatments, and even sprinkle in some invaluable business advice.

This is for you if.....

Calling all business owners looking to stay ahead, beauty therapists seeking the freshest techniques

Newcomers eager to learn the ropes, and seasoned pros ready to spice up their skills - this series is your ultimate glam squad!

Whether you wield a scalpel or just a mascara wand, “Aesthetics in all Honesty” is your go-to guide for all things fabulous and fun in the world of beauty and aesthetics! Trust us, your beauty game is about to level up!


Aesthetics in all honesty


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With Emalene Grove
Faye Ackland


Emalene Grove

Founder of

ART Academy


Fay Ackland 

Course Coordinator 

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