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Pathway to Aesthetics
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Entering Into Aesthetics?

8 Things you must know to future proof your career 

This Guide is for anyone who is thinking of entering Aesthetics but is confused or does not know how to get started.

If you are already in the industry and unsure how the proposed legislation may effect you and your business.

Anyone looking to advance their expertise and wants to know what to look for in a course and training provider. 

This Guide is for anyone who is thinking of entering Aesthetics but is confused  or the Industry professional wanting to advance their learnings in this time of uncertainty

This PDF Guide will help you navigate this minefield within the Aesthetic training sector, so that you can understand:

What counts as Aesthetic treatments

The changing industry landscape and how you can ‘future proof’ your career

How you can progress to become an Aesthetic practitioner, whether you are a medic or non-medic practitioner, or with or without a beauty therapy background

Overview of training courses currently available out there

How to avoid being misled and know exactly what you are getting from your training


Emalene Grove 

Emalene Grove is the Founder of ART. Having spent 30 years in the Aesthetic and beauty industries, Emalene has spent a lifetime studying to achieve excellence in all of those fields. Her experience has lead her from opening her first salon in 1995 which grew into the award winning clinic it is today 

A.R.T based in Billericay & founding the A.R.T Academy.

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