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Free Foundation Day for Level 3 Therapist Looking for Level 4 Aesthetic Practical Training Courses

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

We believe a successful aesthetic practitioner should have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills within the industry. This is not only about knowing how to practice a specific treatment or how to operate beauty equipment. It is about a thorough understanding of the skin and body, knowing how different applications affect the results, how to critically and accurately assess a client’s needs, and the ability to recommend and provide the most suitable service safely and effectively.

Solid Foundation to Aesthetic Practice

Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive Foundation Programme that covers all the essential aspects of aesthetic practice: Level 4 Foundation Programme to Aesthetic Practice. This Level 4 programme is developed in line with HEE guideline and is independently accredited.

Our Level 4 ‘Basic Foundation to Aesthetic Practice’ Programme includes 4 mandatory units:

  • Unit 1 – Generic Aesthetic Knowledge and Skills

  • Unit 2 – Law, Policy and Ethics in Aesthetic Practice

  • Unit 3 – Facilities, Premises, Health & Safety in Aesthetic Practice

  • Unit 4 – Advanced Skin Science

This programme serves as a theory base and it opens the doors to a variety of applicational training, which we provide at Level 4 and above. For any learners wish to proceed into level 4 and above practical training, it is highly recommended that this foundation programme is achieved.

Training Structure at School of Aesthetic ART

Our Level 4 practical training courses include:

  • Skin rejuvenation including skin peel and skin micro-needling

  • Plasma skin treatment

  • Facial electrical treatments: Radio Frequency, HIFU, Dermabrasion

  • Body electrical treatments: Cryotherapy, Cavitation, Radio Frequency, HIFU

  • Blemish removal utilising thermolysis and cryotherapy

Free Foundation Day for Level 3 Beauty Therapist

If you are a Level 3 qualified Beauty Therapist looking to take part in any of Level 4 practical training courses listed above, we offer Free Foundation Day upon purchase any of level 4 practical training courses!

What is included?

A fast-track day to refresh your knowledge and understanding of aesthetic practice. It’ll cover the main points of two units within our Level 4 Foundation Programme:

  • Law, Policy and Ethics in Aesthetic Practice

  • Generic Aesthetic Knowledge and Skills

Location of training centre?

The foundation day will be carried before your specific practical course, and it will be held in our training centre based in Billericay, Essex.

Upcoming dates?

Foundation day is running in our training centre once a month. Please contact us (, 01277 632716) for the next available date.

Further Questions?

For more course information or enrolment enquiry, please feel free to contact us.

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