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Watch Our Discussion: Current Industry and Business Outlook under COVID influence

  • Now the facial area treatments are relaxed, how’s the outlook of the business realistically speaking?

  • What are the general feel and reactions among industry practitioners?

  • With so much uncertainty, is there still point staying in beauty? Why are you doing this in the first place?

  • What’s the point of continuing and up-skill? How to move business forward?

In the past few months, we’ve seen fundamental changes in the beauty and aesthetics industry. Technically, the salon doors can open and facial treatments can now resume, however moving forward, we are still facing a time of great uncertainty:

  • How the clients’ behaviour and mindset are changing?

  • How the salon experience are different now?

  • Will you still be able to fill your diary?

  • Is your business going to survive with changing demands and increased operational cost?

  • Are you being tied up with day-to-day process and lose sight of what you are really doing and why you do what you do?

  • Frustration, stress, fear…are you letting your emotion preventing you from thinking logically and move your business forward?

  • And most importantly, how to move business forward in the post-covid future?

In this first Episode, we are discussing these burning questions. You can watch the video by following us on our Facebook page, or joining our facebook group: Future Proof Aesthetics Progression

Aesthetics in All Honesty

Navigating the beauty and aesthetic market is like walking in a minefield. We have come across a lot of confusions and misunderstandings as regards to the latest industry guidelines, relavent governing bodies, accreditation levels, progression routes…

This is the main reason for us to work on this series. In each video, we will discuss current industry topics or answer some common questions. We hope to bring some clarity, transparency and honesty to the situation, and to provide you with relavent information to help you progress in your aesthetic career.

We plan to update videos on a weekly basis.

A Bit More About Us…

We provide credible and recognised aesthetic progression routes for practitioners from all background.

If you are also passionate about raising industry standard, ensure client safety, deliver fantastic results, and frustrated about the lack of clarity and credible training courses out there, get in touch and WE CAN HELP!

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