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Streamlining Regulation in Aesthetics: The JCCP's Call for Unified Oversight & Impact on Mobile Practitioners

In the dynamic landscape of aesthetic practices, the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) advocates for a seamless regulatory framework that prioritises efficiency, clarity, and public safety. Central to this vision is the concept of integrating Local Authority Collaboration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to establish a unified scheme of regulation, aimed at reducing fragmentation and easing the burden on practitioners.

The JCCP emphasises the need for harmonising regulatory schemes to offer a single, comprehensive system that benefits both practitioners and the public. By collaborating closely with the CQC, the goal is to eliminate unnecessary duplication and streamline the regulatory process. For instance, the JCCP envisions a scenario where CQC-registered healthcare practitioners can demonstrate compliance with new premises licensing requirements without the additional burden of seeking separate local authority licenses.

Furthermore, the JCCP recommends that invasive and complex procedures falling under an expanded CQC remit should not necessitate dual regulation by local authorities. As long as these procedures are performed by designated, well-trained, and regulated healthcare professionals, the existing CQC regulations should suffice.

Addressing the issue of 'mobile' services, the JCCP sets clear guidelines, asserting that all licensed procedures should be conducted in designated premises that meet the stipulated standards and are inspected for licensing purposes. The requirement for practitioners to be available for emergency aftercare in case of complications further underscores the importance of practicing in compliant settings. The JCCP firmly opposes the practice of mobile services where practitioners administer cosmetic procedures in clients' homes.

In summary, the JCCP's stance on regulatory integration is driven by a commitment to enhancing safety, quality, and accountability in the aesthetics industry. By fostering collaboration between local authorities and the CQC, the JCCP envisions a future where practitioners can operate efficiently within a unified regulatory framework, ensuring the highest standards of care for clients and practitioners alike.


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