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Phlebotomy in Aesthetic Practice

This Phlebotomy in Aesthetic Practice training provides you with the knowledge and practical skills to correctly taking blood from patient for aesthetic treatment purpose.

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Phlebotomy in Aesthetic Practice Training Course at School of Aesthetic A.R.T

Health and Safety Associated with Phlebotomy in Aesthetics

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the arm

  • Infection control principles

  • Potential complications during and after taking blood

  • Needle stick injuries

  • Correct sharps disposal

Practical Application of Phlebotomy

  • Appropriate site selection of good and bad veins

  • Correctly apply a tourniquet

  • Common types of equipment used in venipuncture and how to use them

  • Correct process of taking blood

  • Use the vacutainer system to collect a blood sample

Importance of Correct Patient/Client Identification and Informed Consent

  • Appropriate patient/client consent and informed consent

  • Inform patient/client of expected consequences and time-scales

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