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Episode 9 - Career path job in a salon or setting up your own business?

Emalene Grove

26 Oct 2020

We'll be discussing career prospects in the upcoming episode of #aestheticsinallhonesty with Emalene Grove and compare pros and cons between a job in a clinic or setting up your own business:

In this week's #aestheticsinallhonesty we are reviewing the pros & cons between career pathways of an aesthetic practitioner: whether to look for a job in a salon/clinic or setting up your own business Emalene Grove
00:59 - Things you need to consider if you're a #careerchanger
02:09 - What are employees looking for?
03:31 - What does it involve when setting up your own practice?
07:20 - Career progression option for an experienced therapist
09:35 - Why you need broad-spectrum knowledge to be able to make informed choices for your clinic.
12:04 - Pros and cons of being a mobile practitioner
15:40 - Barriers that every practitioner will face and ways to build your confidence

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