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Episode 2 - Know your course accreditations, and whats really behind your certificate

Emalene Grove

31 Aug 2020

2nd Episode of #AestheticsInAllHonesty is here!
🙋‍♀️We are covering some of the common confusions and misunderstandings regarding course accreditations, including:

❓❓We've seen quite a lot posts in the industry groups where learners invested in online training during lockdown, but now they find that their certificate is either not credible or won't be validated by their insurance company.
🎓🎓 So in our second episode of #AestheticsInAllHonesty we are going to discuss some Aesthetics Training Basics, including:
What is the guideline and who are overseeing this
What are the levels of accreditation out there and how they are different
🤔🤔 We hope to help you really understand what is behind your certificate so that you know what you're getting before committing to any training courses.
👩‍💻👩‍💻 You can watch the video in this group tomorrow at noon

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