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Episode 18 - Self care when it feels hard to be motivated

Emalene Grove

25 Jan 2021

Anyone felt lack of self-motivation these days? We certainly felt that, too...

Emalene Grove sharing her thoughts about #selfcare when it feels hard to stay motivated in this week's #aestheticsinallhonesty
01:18 - It’s getting harder to stay motivated
03:24 - Self-care is about accountability not escaping from reality
06:20 - The current situation has created distractions for lot of us to hide away, we need to take back control of ourselves
08:31 - Time to reflect our inner self
09:58 - Rethink productivity
12:52 - Be kind to ourselves
13:56 - It’s the darkest before the dawn
🙋‍♀️ What do you do to keep yourself motivated during lockdown? Share your story!

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