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Episode 14 - Professional integrity. what you will and will not do?

Emalene Grove

30 Nov 2020

🙋‍♀️ In the next episode of #aestheticsinallhonesty, we're talking about professional integrity, confidence and reputation as an aesthetic practitioner.

🙅‍♀️ In this week's #aestheticsinallhonesty we are talking about the professional integrity of a practitioner: what you will and will not do when a customer insists on doing something a certain way? Emalene Grove
02:11 - What is your professional boundary, and how do you set your limit?
07:20 - Have you ever being 'bullied' by a client into doing something?
09:04 - What to do when a client asks for a specific way of doing something that's out of your boundary?
14:02 - Niche & Reputation: looking at your career from a long term perspective
15:54 - Build and protect your reputation
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