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Episode 12 - Misleading information. How to judge if the training provider's claim is true

Emalene Grove

16 Nov 2020

Latest #aestheticsinallhonesty, we are stressing again some basics you need to investigate and understand before spending money on any training courses.

Because unfortunately there are training providers taking advantage of the lockdown situation and misleading students in the wrong pathway that doesn't actually doesn’t give them a proper future proof, insurable, and safe certification at the end of it.

00:36 - 2nd lockdown online course traps: DO NOT get caught out again
02:27 - How to steer away from misleading information
03:24 - Example of misleading words: 'Qualification' vs 'Qualified'
07:26 - Realistic amount of study you'll expect to invest in your aesthetics training
10:22 - 2nd lockdown impact on training courses
11:44 - Further example of misleading words: 'Pathway'
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