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[NEW] Career Packages

A complete training package including everything you need to learn to start a career in Beauty and Aesthetics

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Discover Our Career Packages

Our career packages combine some of our most popular courses with a fantastic discount.

How We Developed These Career Packages

We take into consideration two Key elements:

1. Foundation Units

The foundation units are the courses that will provide you with a general broad spectrum of knowledge including every aspect of beauty and cosmetic practice including health and safety, client communication and consultation, skin analysis, anatomy and physiology.

It is our goal to provide you with the most credible and highest recognition you can get in term of your certification at the end of these trainings. This will give you a solid groundwork for you to build upon, and enable you to quickly and effectively pick up different applications and treatments in your future beauty and aesthetics career development, depending on your passions and ultimate goals.

2. Add-on Treatments

These are the specific treatments and applications in the relavent areas of specialities. You can carry out these treatments on your clients to help addressing their needs and concerns.

We have selected the most pertinent treatments on the market to give you multiple strings to your bow in terms of meeting clients’ demand. We believe in opening more doors and channels for your practice and your ability to generate income, so that you can build and grow your career in the right place from the beginning and flourish and fly in the many years to come.

All our packages are developed from the foundation level where learners do not necessarily need the relavent background to start your learning journey.

For any practitioners who already have certain professional background, we can tailor the package to meet your specific requirements, please feel free to contact us via: for training enquiries.

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Skin Specialist Package

It includes everything from A to Z in terms of the most pertinent skincare treatments on the market, as well as the best accreditation and recognition for your foundation training to enable you stand out from the crowd.

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Aesthetics Starter Package

This package is ideal for anyone who’d like to entering into aesthetics but not quite sure what areas of specialties eventually they want to pursuit. This package provides solid foundation training and highest recognition, and it opens many doors for your future progression in Aesthetics.

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Beauty Therapy Package

 This is the career package for you! It includes everything you need to learn to become a competent and effective beauty therapist with multiple strings to your bow. With recognised certifications, you can either seek employment in a professional salon or set up your own business!

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