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Mesh Fill CPD

The Mesh Fill CPD course is designed to provide professionals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in the use of mesh fillers for facial rejuvenation and adding volume. This continuing professional development (CPD) programme aims to equip participants with the expertise to deliver safe and effective treatments using mesh fillers.

During the course, participants will learn about mesh fillers, which are a type of dermal filler composed of a biocompatible material that forms a supportive network under the skin. They will explore the science behind mesh fillers, understanding how they work to provide structural support and promote collagen production for long-lasting and natural-looking results.

The curriculum covers essential topics such as client assessment and consultation, emphasising the importance of understanding individual concerns, expectations, and medical history. Participants will learn how to analyse the facial anatomy, assess suitability for treatment, and develop customised treatment plans using mesh fillers.

Practical training is a key component of the course, allowing participants to practice their injection techniques for mesh fillers under the guidance of experienced professionals. This hands-on component focuses on mastering the art of precise and strategic injections to create a mesh-like network that supports and lifts sagging skin, enhances facial contours, and improves overall facial appearance.

Throughout the course, participants will stay updated on the latest advancements and best practices in the field of mesh filler treatments. They will learn about different injection techniques, treatment protocols, and how to select the appropriate mesh filler products for specific facial concerns and desired outcomes.

Ethics, client communication, and safety precautions are also covered to provide a well-rounded understanding of delivering mesh filler treatments responsibly. Participants will learn about informed consent, managing client expectations, and how to provide comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure the best treatment results and minimise any potential risks or side effects.

By the end of the Mesh Fill CPD course, participants will have gained the knowledge and confidence to provide professional and effective facial rejuvenation and volume using mesh fillers. This course serves as a valuable platform for medical professionals to expand their skill set, stay informed about industry trends, and meet the growing demand for non-surgical facial enhancement through mesh filler techniques.

Career pathway 

Elite Aesthetics to provide Mesh Fill Treatments.

Entry Level requirements

Learners must have an OFQUAL regulated qualification in order to complete this CPD course.

Course Details 

For all the course details click on the tabs to show you the learning hours, course structure, assessment methodology etc 


Areas Of Study 

Health and Safety 

Client Care and Communication

Anatomy and Physiology


Core of Knowledge

Mesh Fill Practical

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How to Enrol 

Simply click the button below to fill in an enrolment form with your CV and any previous certificate. Our student support will get in touch! If you need any assistance in the process, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:

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